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Event: Business Transfers for Immigrants event on Thursday 9.2.2023

Business Transfers for Immigrants

  • Date: 9.2.2023 klo 17:00 - 9.2.2023 klo 20:00
  • Place: Online/Live:  Fennia house (address: Kyllikinportti 2, Helsinki).

Are you thinking of starting a business? What about buying one instead of starting from scratch?

By acquiring a business the probability of success is higher since your business model has already been tested at the market. You will have a brand (that you can develop) and a customer base ready, so you will likely have cash flow since day one! You can focus on developing your business instead of  mere survival. 

Business Transfers project Uusimaa, Business Transfers project in rural areas and Startup Refugees organize Business Transfers for Immigrants event 

Come to learn and ask questions about how to acquire a business, how to fund it, and what support is available for the process. Thomas Thottungal, the owner of Providental dental clinic will share his experiences of buying a company as a newcomer in Finland.

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klo 17:00

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