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Do you know where your business is going, or do you feel like you are wandering blindly in the dark? Does your company have a business plan and a strategy for carrying it out? A business plan makes your company’s purpose, goals and actions concrete, so it is important to update the plan regularly.

How can we help you at Keuke?

At Keuke, we can help you to clarify your business plan and find the right path. This is done by completing the following steps:

1. Why do we exist?

Do you still remember why you became an entrepreneur? Do you remember what your original business idea was? Over the years, your business idea has probably changed, developed or been completely replaced by a new idea. However, it is extremely important to stop every now and then and look at the reasons behind your company’s existence. Why does this company exist, and who does it serve? What are our company’s values? What is our true mission?

2. Where are we going?

When you know your company’s mission – the reason it exists – it is time to look ahead and think about where you are going. For that, you need a vision; a dream. Your vision does not need to be crystal clear, but a clear vision is easier to approach. In five years, do you want to be the top company in your field in Finland, a trailblazer in your region or maybe the industry’s third largest company on a global level? Do you want to grow, improve profitability or achieve something else? Remember: you need to have goals and dreams. Standing still only takes your company backwards.

3. How do we get there?

The journey towards the vision progresses through smaller milestones. That is why you need an action plan, aka a strategy. In your strategy, you define the processes and concrete choices that will help you achieve your goals. Internationalization can be one way to achieve growth; other options include business acquisition or expanding your area of operation. You also need to decide whether you will achieve that growth on your own or together with a subcontractor network and partners.

4. Lead, engage and do

Everyone in the company needs to be aware of the vision and strategy. No one can carry out the strategy on their own, which is why it is so important to engage everyone and make the strategy as concrete to them as possible. Every employee needs to know where the company is going and why. Following a strategy takes some effort, but it is also rewarding. When the strategy includes clear and understandable goals that are easy to measure, it is also easy to assign responsibilities. Performance reviews offer a good opportunity to do this.


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