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Growth takes money – and time also counts as money. A company’s finances need to be planned so that the company’s growth and development stays under control. In this case, too, well planned is half done.

We'll help you review your company's overall financing needs and sort through the different financing options and solutions. We can assess financial profitability by making the necessary financing and profitability calculations. Careful planning is the only way you can ensure that your business will be operating on a profitable basis.

We can also help you to prepare financial applications and to obtain the necessary attachments requested, for example, by a bank or Finnvera. Examples include financial statements, profit forecasting and business plan clarifications. Calculations and a business plan are often also a prerequisite for applying for funding or support in order to start a business.

Through the rural development programme, for example, it is possible to apply for investment support for the expansion and development of business operations, as well as for various experiments or to start a business. We can help you with your applications, and information about the rural development program is available at the Uusimaaseutu website and in the local Leader groups:

Think about your financing needs:

  • What do you need money for: day-to-day operations or an investment?
  • How much money do you need, and when?
  • What will you use as collateral?
  • Where are you going to get the money?

Keep your business' financial structure strong:

  • Sufficient equity will make your business more financially sound, which means your ability to cope with your obligations in the long run will improve.
  • A good amount of equity makes your business attractive to investors, as well. It will make it significantly easier to get a loan or other external financing.
  • Typically, equity consists of the capital the founders invested in the company and cash flow financing. A good result will strengthen a company’s equity.
  • Keep your company’s cash flows under control. The goal of cash management is to ensure that your company has good solvency and that these is enough cash to run the day-to-day payments of your business. Poor solvency can cause problems very quickly, even if the business is otherwise financially sound.

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