Employment contracts and salaries, salary payment, working times, work plans, targeting of working time, development discussions, absences, insurances, annual leaves, orientation for new employees, staff cards, resignations, work certificates... Becoming an employer brings the entrepreneur extra pairs of hands, but also new challenges. As an employer, you will have statutory obligations towards your employees and the authorities. When you act responsibly, you are also protecting your company’s good reputation and increasing the interest of potential employees.

Fair and equal treatment is the foundation of a good workplace. The creation of a functional work community is everyone’s responsibility. Good personnel policy is reflected in customer satisfaction and reduced sick leave rates. This means that personnel management and job satisfaction have a direct link to the productivity of the company.

The cornerstones of good personnel policy:

  • an open and honest atmosphere
  • doing things together and a sense of belonging
  • sharing power and responsibility
  • the courage to make even the tough decisions

We can advise your company on hiring employees, fulfilling employer obligations, taking care of employee well-being and developing your employees’ skills.


Do you need more labour? Could you offer an apprenticeship or an internship to a student? How much additional sales are you going to need in order to make hiring an employee profitable? Hiring a new employee is always an important decision. When you are considering the different options and costs of employment or what additional support would be available for recruitment purposes, please contact us. We will be happy to tell you more and to help you find the best option for your company in collaboration with the TE Services and the educational institutions in the region.


  • When planning to recruit an employee, try to evaluate, as precisely as possible, the situations and tasks for which your company needs more labour.
  • There are several ways of getting more labour; here are some examples you could consider:
hiring a new employee
new training for the current employees
subcontracting know-how from outside the company
temp services
  • In addition to wage costs, the new employee will incur additional costs to the employer, known as the employer’s side costs, which you should take into account when planning the finances of your business.
  • When you are considering hiring a new employee, you should evaluate and compare the costs resulting from the different options.
  • In certain situations, you can also receive financial support in order to hire an employee, e.g. in the form of pay subsidies.
  • Be sure to insure your employees, arrange occupational healthcare and make sure that occupational safety is up to date.
  • In addition to the statutory and regulatory obligations, remember to consider the well-being of your personnel.
  • Fair treatment and good working conditions increase the well-being of the work community.
  • You can develop your business’ know-how and competitiveness, for example, through working time arrangements or by providing training for employees.

The employment forms contained in our online YRITYSTULKKI service are freely available to you.


Do you know how to keep your own and your staff's knowledge up to date? Has your company carried out skill surveys or created training plans? How should you start?

Competence development is an investment in the competitiveness of the company: both the entrepreneur and the employees need to update and their skills continuously in order to succeed, motivate themselves and overcome the challenges they face.

There are many ways of improving competence. Every workplace is different, and sometimes it is not possible to have long training sessions. But every job and workplace has potential for development. Together with Keuke’s personnel, you can tailor the perfect development path for your company by choosing some of the options below:

  • your industry’s own seminars and conferences
  • short or long training/education that may or may not aim at a degree
  • company-specific training and development programmes
  • personal or group coaching, sparring and mentoring
  • participation in the company’s own research and development projects
  • job rotation through professional networks
  • staying up to date with the help of professional literature and magazines

We will also look for suitable partners in our networks that can help develop your expertise and assess the possibilities that you have for funding trainings.


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Keski-Uudenmaan Kehittämiskeskus Oy

Business Development Centre Ltd. Helsinki Region North

Puuvalonaukio 2D, 2. krs, 04200 Kerava

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050 341 3210


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Keuke, Development Centre Ltd. Helsinki Region North, aims to create growth for the region thorough counselling and supporting local businesses. Our services include for example:

Our clients, local SME′s, have insofar been exceedingly satisfied with our services, and we strive to keep it that way.

Keuke is owned by seven municipalities in Central Uusimaa: Kerava, Järvenpää, Tuusula, Nurmijärvi, Pornainen, Sipoo and Karkkila and our services are free of charge for our clients.

Helsinki Region North, Central Uusimaa, has an excellent logistic position at the border of the best markets. It is part of the Helsinki metropolitan area and is the gateway to Finnish, European and Eastern markets, such as Russia and the Baltic countries.

Our Contact details:
Address: Puuvalonaukio 2D, 2rd floor

Tel: +35850 341 3210

Keuke, Utvecklingscentret för Mellersta Nyland, är ett företagsrådgivningsbolag som ägs av sju kommuner i Mellersta Nyland. Vi sträver efter att skapa tillväxt på området genom att stöta och rådda små och medelstora företag i till ex. följande frågor:

Utöver dessa tjänster, organiserar vi också flera större evenemang och utbildningar om året med varierande tema inom affärslivet.

Keukes rådgivningstjänster är kostnadsfria och betjänar företag som är verksamma i våra ägarkommuner: Borgnäs, Högfors, Kervo, Nurmijärvi, Sibbo, Träskända och Tusby.

Våra kunder har såtillvida varit väldigt nöjda med våra tjänster och vi kämpar för att det kommer att vara så också i framtiden.

Ytterligare information:

Elina Duréault, företagsrådgivare
gsm 050 3668 588

Elina Pekkarinen, verkställande direktör
gsm 050 549 2213

E-post: förnamn.efternamn(at)


Sibbo är en snabbt växande tvåspråkig kommun som ligger på ca 25 km:s avstånd från Helsingfors och Borgå och är en del av huvudstadsregionens ekonomi- och pendlingsregion. Sibbos läge invid Lahtis och Borgå motorvägar är logistiskt sett utmärkt. Man når Helsingfors-Vanda flygplats samt Nordsjö hamn under en halv timme.

Sibbo kommun säljer företagstomter på Lönnbacka företagspark och Bastukärr logistikområde.

Bastukärr arbetsplatsområde omfattar ett område på ca 230 hektar invid Kervovägen. Området lämpar sig väl för logistikfunktioner som kräver stort utrymme. Även serviceföretag kan etablera sig på området.

Lönnbacka företagsparkets arbetsplatsområden är beläget invid Mårtensbyvägen mellan Nickby och Tallmo. Det finns lediga företagstomter på området.

Lediga företagstomter och lokaliteter: