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Are you selling enough? Are your sales activities methodical and target-oriented? It is a fact that very few products or services sell themselves. Each company must invest in selling and continue to develop themselves to keep their finger on the pulse.

You can start by thinking about your current situation: Do you know where your sales come from at the moment and who your customers are? Do you know how your customers make their purchase decisions and what is significant to them? Do you know what each customer means to your company?

When you have found answers to the above questions, you can begin to develop your sales in various ways: by developing new products and services, by sharpening the focus of your marketing, by rationalizing your pricing and by finding new target groups, by entering new markets, and by introducing innovative approaches.

Ensure that your selling is consistent:

  • Get to know your customer base and prospect potential customers.
  • Plan out your sales work as regularly repeated events in your calendar.
  • Define clear objectives – in euros, units, shares of the market, or sales margins.
  • Also define your sales costs.
  • Resource your sales carefully, specify tasks, instructions, and reporting. Note! This is also important to sole entrepreneurs.
  • Think about ways to motivate your sales personnel (wage schemes, training, etc.)
  • Follow your sales and the achievement of your objectives regularly.

Selling is constantly changing. Digitalization has led to the increase of information and salespeople can no longer rely on just listing the features of the product or service from a brochure. Instead, a good salesperson is expected to utilize this information by offering their expertise to their customers. Service is often the distinguishing factor when information is readily available.

Contact us so we can discuss your sales targets together and consider ways to ensure the best possible sales result for you.

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