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The startup grant - Starttiraha

Starttiraha is a discretionary start-up grant that the Finnish state can grant to new full-time entrepreneurs. It is meant to help secure the entrepreneur’s livelihood while the business operations are being started and stabilized.

You can apply for the grant whether you are employed or unemployed and regardless of what business type or field of industry your new company will represent.

Starttiraha is granted 6 months at a time for a maximum of one year, and in 2017, it was approximately 700 €/month. Starttiraha is considered a taxable personal grant.

How to apply for Starttiraha

Do not register your business yet! First:

  • Create a preliminary business plan and calculations.
  • Meet with our business advisor.
  • Finalize your plans and get the necessary attachments, such as a tax debt certificate, a loan promise for your funding, a preliminary lease on the premises, etc.
  • If necessary, request more information from the TE Services.
  • Submit your application and its attachments electronically using the TE Services’ E-Services.
  • Wait for the decision and then move forward with starting your business.

It is advisable to apply for Starttiraha once your business is ready to start operating (for example, funding, business premises and permits are sorted) and you are able to start the business.

Preconditions for receiving the grant

Starttiraha can be granted to an entrepreneur whose future business activity will be full-time and continuous and who has sufficient skills for the planned activities (competence, training, work experience, industry knowledge) and is capable of acting as an entrepreneur. The business must also have the potential for profitable operation.

Situations that prevent you from receiving the grant

  • full-time business operations have already been started before the grant decision was made
  • you are already a full-time entrepreneur in another company
  • the business will immediately provide a reasonable income and the financial risks are very small
  • you have other income such as a salary, study allowance, parent’s benefit or pension
  • tax debts (apart from very minor debts); the TE Services will check your credit report.

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