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The Jeesi service is intended for sole entrepreneurs and small-scale entrepreneurs who need help and support for their coping and development. The key objective of Jeesi is to improve sole and small-scale entrepreneurs’ wellbeing and coping at work by systematically developing their entrepreneurial skills. At the same time, the service is intended to further develop the productivity of business operations.

Other Jeesi objectives include

  • The development of a new, entrepreneur-oriented method for sole entrepreneurs and small-scale entrepreneurs to organize their work and manage their time
  • The creation of contacts for sole entrepreneurs and small-scale entrepreneurs and a mutual peer support network around the development of entrepreneurial skills
  • Increasing awareness of entrepreneurial skills and their development among sole entrepreneurs and small-scale entrepreneurs as part of the development of wellbeing at work and productivity
  • Prevent the termination of operations by sole entrepreneurs and small-scale entrepreneurs due to insufficient wellbeing at work by reinforcing entrepreneurial skills and a sense of control

The core of the development of the skills of sole entrepreneurs and small-scale entrepreneurs is built around a concept where the entrepreneurs are provided a personal trainer for entrepreneurial skills. Keuke's specialists act as trainers for the entrepreneurs selected to take part in the project and produce a personal plan and development program for each entrepreneur. The realization of the plans and programs will be monitored at regular intervals during the project. To support the personal entrepreneurial skills training process, some strength training sessions will be organized for 3–5 entrepreneurs at a time on carefully selected themes pertaining to entrepreneurial skills. Joint training sessions will also be organized for all the participants as part of a four-part training course, along with motivational sessions that are open to all entrepreneurs.

European Social Fund ESF is the main sponsor of the Jeesi project. The project will be carried out between August 1, 2020 and October 31, 2022.

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Business Developer

Marianne ahvenranta

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Business Developer

Minna Lojander

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