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The Balanssi growth service is intended for companies that strive to develop their corporate sustainability in a comprehensive manner. These days most companies know that sustainability should be incorporated into business operations, but some companies are having trouble identifying the sustainability perspectives that are most significant for their operations, which in turn hinders their ability to properly direct their development measures.

The Balanssi growth service aims to overcome this challenge by offering companies a comprehensive view of sustainability issues from the business perspective. This means also focusing on economic sustainability as a target of development in addition to the environmental and social dimensions. In other words, the company’s ability to meet its economic obligations grows profitably, producing business profits. 

However, the primary goal of sustainability work is – of course – to reduce the negative social and ecological consequences of the company’s operations. A central method of achieving this is to reduce the carbon footprints of companies via measures that cut emissions and improve energy efficiency. These measures are always adapted to the company’s business goals and available resources. At best, sustainability can bring the company a significant competitive advantage, but remaining mindful of the ever more stringent sustainability requirements is also crucial for maintaining the company's competitive strength.

The Balanssi service includes 6–8 workshops with the participating company that are specifically tailored around the company’s sustainability themes. Furthermore, the service also contains two sustainability workshops that are organised together with the group of participating companies.

Balanssi is realised in two development cycles. Both cycles can involve 7–10 companies that wish to focus on developing matters related to sustainability. The first cycle started in March 2024 and companies can still sign up for it during the spring of 2024. The second cycle will begin in the spring of 2025 and last all the way until October 2026. Companies can participate in the Balanssi service free of charge. 

Keuke is realising the Balanssi project in cooperation with development company Posintra Oy. The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) serves as the main financier of the Balanssi project, and the project will be realised between 1.1.2024–30.11.2026.



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