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A Vogel Oy

Pirjo Rantanen

”I was very surprided by the competence of Keuke. They had the insight and the willingness to help. They really are able to multiply success.”

Process ready for strategy

A. Vogel is a well-known health product brand, whose most popular products include Echinaforce, Herbamare, and Molkosan. Alfred Vogel established the Finnish subsidiary in 1977 and the company is owned by Swiss Bioforce AG, which was established by Vogel in 1963.

”Vogel is a brilliant brand that is very well-known throughout the world. In Finland, our turnover does not match the potential of the brand, and that is why we were determined to do something about it.

A. Vogel has now been working with Keuke on a new strategy that is naturally focused on growth.

“Our parent company has a brand strategy, but we also needed a growth strategy that was revised for the Finnish subsidiary. I had previously taken part in Keuda’s sales training and had become aware of Keuke's services through that. Together with Keuke, we began to examine what should be taken into consideration when creating a strategy that would guide our daily operations and how Keuke could help us with the process.”

A tool to guide operations

The company started to work on their strategy together with Keuke's specialists.

“Keuke had an existing process for creating a strategy that took all of the necessary aspects into consideration. It was easy for us to work on the strategy with them. They had the insight and the willingness to help. They really are able to multiply success.”

The growth strategy that was created together with Keuke now controls the operation of the entire Vogel team.

“It will become a tool that will guide all of our activities. Thus, the new strategy is very important for us.”

The advice given by Keuke

“Keuke provided competent specialists and the tools for creating a strategy for the company."

Managing Director Pirjo Rantanen, A Vogel Oy, Kerava

Apuisäntä Oy

Jari Järvi

”Sometimes you have to look in the mirror and it is always better if the person looking back is an outsider who can look at things from a different perspective. Keuke has been a valuable discussion and training partner and helped us immensely.”

Apuisäntä provides everyday assistance

Apuisäntä Oy offers renovation and property management services particularly to aging people, who want to live in their own homes for as long as possible.

“We provide assistance with all property management and maintenance related matters, such as mowing lawns, removing leaves from gutters, changing light bulbs, and various renovation and remodeling tasks around the home”, says Jari Järvi from Apuisäntä.

Järvi has experience of working in both the property and nursing service sectors. The business idea came as the result of combining these two areas of competence.

“During the first year, we have worked on several major renovation jobs. Our actual concept is based on acquiring regular weekly customers, to whom we would provide versatile services related to all sorts of maintenance work. In the future, we could supervise the interests of our customers during more significant renovations and provide support.”

Trust is key

Where necessary, Apuisäntä can act as a go-between for the customer and their relatives in matters related to its line of business.

“Trust and good customer relationships are very important to us.” It may be difficult to trust individual maintenance workers, and, on the other hand, regular visits can also improve the safety of elderly people living alone.

Apuisäntä has been very active in seeking support as the company takes its first steps.

“After the company was established, the Finnish Enterprise Agency pointed us toward Keuke. New companies require a lot of support with various things, from making calculations for viable business operation to marketing efforts."

The advice given by Keuke

“A new company needs all sorts of support and assistance. Together with Keuke, we have fine-tuned our sales and marketing plan, created networks, prepared financial plans, and made various calculations related to profitability. The service we have received has been fast and excellent.”

Entrepreneur Jari Järvi, Apuisäntä Oy, Kerava

Beta Neon Oy

Harri Hägg

”It is great to have someone to spar and advise you. We have been really positively surpised with the expertise and assistance we have received. Of course, we hope that the projects that have got off to a great start will continue for as long as possible.”

Illuminated signs change with the times

The lifetime of a long-established company is bound to include changes in the operational environment, technology, and the behavior of customers. For Beta Neon Oy from Kerava, established nearly 20 years ago, the most significant change took place six years ago, as illuminated signs replaced neon lights with LEDs.

“That was a significant move for a small business. In a sense, we switched to a completely new product, and service operations, which had previously constituted the majority of our operations, were simultaneously reduced significantly, says Beta Neon's Managing Director Harri Hägg.

Modern illuminated signs that utilize LED technology come with a five-year warranty.

“LEDs are perfect for illuminated signs. They are long-lasting and consume less energy. Of course, there are significant differences in LEDs. We use the Beta Eco Max technology, which has the lowest energy consumption in the market and a long product life. The LEDs are almost fully recyclable.”

Energy and the right chemistry

In 2008, Beta Neon Oy was named the Company of the Year in Kerava. However, Hägg believes that you cannot rest on your laurels.

“The world is changing, and companies must change with it. And the fact is that if you are not going forward, you are going backward.”

From Keuke, Beta Neon has received a boost for both sales and marketing.

“We have a brilliant team. There's creativity, solid expertise, and problem-solving skills. But we should improve or increase our communication so that people would know to contact us when they need an illuminated sign or service for one.”

The advice given by Keuke

“Keuke contacted us and it was amazing how well we seemed to get on. We have been energized and we have also received concrete advice for sales and marketing. For example, Keuke has helped us with redesigning our website.”

Managing Director Harri Hägg, Beta Neon Oy, Kerava


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