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Deniss Ceylan Oy

Sami Koivuniemi

”Keuke's help was significant as we applied for business aid. There is no way I could have done this without the specialists' help.”

Finnish kebab for growth

Approximately one fourth of all kebab eaten in Finland comes from Ilvesvuori in Nurmijärvi. Deniss Ceylan Oy is fighting for market share with domestic production and quality. Now, the company is taking a massive step, which means three million euros worth of investments, new product innovation, and larger markets.

Deniss Ceylan Oy produces approximately two million kilos of kebab meat in a 600 square meter production facility. With the new expansion, the company's production facilities are growing by an additional 900 square meters. The investments are intended to double the company’s turnover within the next five years.

“This is our response to exported meat. With the expansion of our production facilities, we increase our capacity for producing doner kebab and for logistics, but we are also introducing completely new products. For the new products, we are also investing in versatile new equipment.”

Support for investment

For the project, Deniss Ceylan Oy received investment aid from the rural development program for mainland Finland administered by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, which is intended to promote business activities that are profitable and create jobs in rural areas, and which are used to develop agriculture and the countryside.

“Keuke's help was significant as we applied for business aid. As the application had to be submitted on a very tight schedule, I couldn't have done it without the specialist's help. “

Until now we have been able to grow our operation based on the customers wanting to buy our products and ordering them. With the new products, we are going to have think about ways to introduce them to the market.”

“I am very happy that I contacted Keuke. I have received great, friendly service. I am sure that we will continue to need good advice and ideas in the future. Once summer comes and we begin the construction, it is time to start exploring new markets.”

The advice given by Keuke

“Keuke helped us with applying for investment aid and provided a sparring partner for entering new markets.”

Managing Director Sami Koivuniemi, Deniss Ceylan Oy, Nurmijärvi

Kerapuu Oy

Tarja and Kauko Ranta

”Right after establishing the company, we prepared a cashflow calculation with Keuke. It stayed with us and is in fact one of the most important tools of our company.”

More clearly defined products for the right target group

Kerapuu is a carpentry shop from Nurmijärvi that produces tailor-made furniture. Its customer base consists primarily of businesses, such as construction firms, developers, and property owners.

“In 2008, we acquired the equipment of an old carpentry shop. We found our workshop almost by accident, as we were building a larger garage to our house at the time.”

Kerapuu employs Tarja ja Kauko Ranta who are married to each other. Kauko handles the actual carpentry, while Tarja focuses on other tasks. Tarja Ranta also provides work supervision under the auxiliary company name Varavoimala.

“We have the challenges and opportunities of two completely different companies. Lately with Keuke, we have discussed the marketing of Kerapuu and the productization of services provided by Varavoimala into easily purchasable packages.”

Learning through mistakes is not the only way

Tarja Ranta from Kerapuu is glad that she heard about Keuke's services.

“I found Keuke almost immediately after establishing the new company. I took part on a training course provided by the Finnish Enterprise Agency, where Keuke's services were also introduced. One of the first things we did was prepare a cash flow calculation for Kerapuu. It stayed with us and is in fact one of the most important tools of our company.

“Our first year consisted mostly of trial and error. Luckily, now I know that there is someone who we can turn to. It is so easy to develop blind spots with your own affairs. For example, the website of Kerapuu was originally designed for consumers, even though they make up only approximately 30 percent of our customers. When we discussed the issue with Keuke, we found a better way to reach the right target groups.”

The advice given by Keuke

“We also thought about marketing-related issues and productization with Keuke. I have also taken part in Keuke's training, such as sales training for entrepreneurs, which was really helpful in clarifying and developing our business operations. I like Keuke’s method of approaching the entrepreneur and have heard nothing but good things about it from my colleagues as well.”

Entrepreneurs Tarja and Kauko Ranta, Kerapuu Oy, Nurmijärvi

HLSP Sähkö Oy

Markku Räsänen

”Without Keuke we would have missed out on so many important things. There would have been no applications and no funding. I am more than grateful for all the help I have received.”

Hiring an employee is a big deal

Markku Räsänen established HLSP Sähkö Oy when he saw a market niche in the electrification of district heating networks. Räsänen says that as he was starting his company, he was totally unaware of start-up grants and other aids related to establishing a company, but luckily, he thought of seeking advice from Keuke later on.

“I noticed an ad for Keuke’s services in an information package for entrepreneurs I received from the municipality of Nurmijärvi. I called and made an appointment and that was great.”

HLSP Sähkö Oy received a two-year grant from EMO ry for hiring the company's first employee. At the same time, a business plan and financing matters were discussed with the company.

“I owe a huge thanks to Keuke. Without the specialized help, I would have missed so many things. For example, I could not have filled in the aid applications myself, let alone applied for a grant from EMO ry.”

Good opportunities for growth

HLSP Sähkö works on a very narrow sector, as electrical work related to district heating networks requires specific competence.

“There is very little room for growth in district heating networks. Work on that sector is becoming scarcer. That is why we are shifting toward basic electrical contracting. Of course, that area is more competitive, but the volume of available work is also larger.”

“With any luck, I’ll be recruiting more people soon.

The advice given by Keuke

”The grant for hiring the first employee is significant to a new entrepreneur, as it amounts to half of the gross salary excluding social security costs. If and when the company grows further, I already know that it is possible to receive assistance for equipment investments.”

Managing Director Markku Räsänen, HLSP Sähkö Oy, Nurmijärvi


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