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Juha Vääräkangas Luontokuvat

Juha Vääräkangas

”The best thing is that Keuke is always there to help you with whatever you need, whenever you need it.”

Studio and post office under one roof

After 18 years of consideration, nature photographer Juha Vääräkangas took the plunge and became a full-time entrepreneur. Vääräkangas began with nature photographs and now provides photography services to companies and private individuals. Today, he performs actual nature photography only on demand.

“I became an entrepreneur at perhaps the worst possible time in 2008. I was wary at first, but all in all everything has gone quite well. I approached Keuke when I lost my old studio and needed to find new facilities. At the same time, my wife had the idea of running a sub-post office.”

Vääräkangas’ wife began to operate a sub-post office, which is attached to a gift shop. The same premises also house Vääräkangas’ studio, which means the couple is able to help each other where necessary.

“Keuke helped us with figuring out the postal business side. We calculated and investigated what it would require to run a business like this and what kind of earnings could be expected.”

Calculations and ownership matters

Keuke also assisted the couple with matters related to purchasing the premises.

“We had to buy the facilities, as they were no longer available for rent. Keuke calculated how our revenue base would suffice for covering the loan instalments and how to execute the purchase, as the deal involves two separate companies, two sole traders, and the premises themselves would be owned by us as private individuals.

“In fact, there were quite a few issues that needed clarification. For example, we needed statements from tax lawyers, but luckily, we had a lot of help. We also considered whether purchasing the property would necessitate changing company types. Keuke helped us massively.”

The advice given by Keuke

“Keuke helped us find answers to questions of ownership and taxation regarding the purchase of our premises. They provided excellent service and great advice.”

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