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Sipoon Kukka- ja Hautauspalvelu P. Borg & Co Oy

Stefan Borg

”I had been thinking about expanding for a long time. With Keuke, we made it happen.”

Realizing expansion dreams

Sipoon Kukka- ja Hautauspalvelu P. Borg & Co Oy is a second-generation full-service company that provides all services related to burials and commemorations according to the customers wishes. Expanding the operation of the company locally was not possible, but the idea of opening a second business premise in Porvoo had been considered for some time.

“A considerable number of customers came to us from Porvoo. They always told us that Porvoo also needed a service provider similar to us. Finally, through twists and turns, we found suitable facilities for the company.”

“Keuke was really helpful in calculating and considering various funding options for the expansion. Opening a new establishment required some capital, which we received from Finnvera. In addition to the calculations, Keuke's specialist helped me prepare the loan applications and a business plan.”

Another changing industry

In the past thirty years, the funeral service industry has gone through changes.

“The industry is of course quite conservative and aggressive marketing is not possible. We have however attempted to modernize our services and keep up to date with the changing world. It is also important to provide as versatile services as possible and try to make things easier for the bereaved by providing good service.”

Long-distance transport has been reduced in funeral services. The deceased are no longer retrieved to their homeland for a final resting place, as the younger generations have grown roots in new localities.

“Significant changes in the industry also include increased cremation. The urn selection is growing constantly, and new options are also required for coffins. I have a lot of ideas and all sorts of thoughts. It is great to have someone who I can discuss my ideas with and receive support from. This allows you to avoid unnecessary mistakes.”

The advice given by Keuke

“At first, we calculated the feasibility of expanding and analyzed the market within our current locality. As that road seemed unfruitful, we began to consider expanding to another place. With Keuke we prepared a business plan, calculations, and funding applications for the new establishment.”

Entrepreneur Stefan Borg, Sipoon Kukka- ja Hautauspalvelu P. Borg & Co Oy, Sipoo

Sipoon Autovaraosa Oy

Miina and Mika Aalto

”We have received so much valuable advice from Keuke. And even more importantly, we have been able to talk with more experienced persons.”

Happy customer, happy entrepreneur

An empty business premise gave Miina and Mika Aalto, a married couple from Sipoo, an idea. “Let's start a business!” Now the formerly empty premises house a successful auto parts store, which has also sprouted a garage next to it.

“The idea really did come from the unused premises. We thought about businesses that didn't exist in Sipoo and realized that there wasn't an auto parts shop at the time.”

“Mika had previous experience of car repairs, so it wasn't a completely new field for us. We must have done something right, as we have been able to constantly increase the resources of the garage.”

At first, the company only employed the owners. Now, the business also has seven other employees.

Sipoon Autovaraosa has the ability to see things from the most important point of view: the customer's. For example, the volume of female customers at the shop is constantly growing.

Valuable advice

“We had no previous experience of entrepreneurship. For the first few years, we learned things like I presume most people do: through trial and error. Then we joined the incubator with open minds and thank goodness for that.”

Throughout the two-year period we have regularly met with Keuke's specialists.

“It is hard to say specifically which advice has been the most valuable. I am glad that we have discussed our profitability together and properly familiarized ourselves with the financial matters. This, I feel, has been a moment of genuine enlightenment.”

The advice given by Keuke

“Keuke contacted us and asked if we could use their services. As we had no previous entrepreneurship experience, we were happy to accept their help. Together, we have discussed viability and examined financial matters.”

Entrepreneurs Miina and Mika Aalto, Sipoon Autovaraosa Oy, Sipoo

Uudenmaan LVI-asennus

Mika and Kristiina Vanhanen

”Whenever we meet new entrepreneurs, we always recommed Keuke's services. This shows how satisfied we are.”

Gradually growing into a family business

Mika Vanhanen from Sipoo grew tired of factory work and became a HPAC fitter through apprenticeship training. Soon, running his own company began to seem like an attractive option. Today, the Vanhanen family is almost completely employed by the company established in 2009, as Mika's wife Kristiina handles the financial matters of the company alongside her work, one of their sons is in charge of the store, and another son helps during busier times.

“Employee-related matters have been the most time and effort consuming element of entrepreneurship. Hiring someone is a big decision, and finding good, industrious, and reliable workers can be challenging.”

In addition to family members, Uudenmaan LVI-asennus has one extra employee. With the amount of work available, the company could do with more employees.

“We have calculated the profitability many times with Keuke, discussing whether we should hire more people and how much an employee would have to produce to make hiring profitable. These matters are quite complex.”

Storefront increases credibility

At first, the company was operated from the family home. When the home began to look more like an office and storage space was insufficient, it was time to make a change.

“We opened a storefront and an office in Helsinki, as most of our customers come from the metropolitan area. The storefront raised our credibility to a whole other level. Customers prefer asking questions face to face.

Most of the customers of Uudenmaan LVI-asennus are individual consumers who need maintenance, renovations, or contract work for a detached house.

The advice given by Keuke

“From Keuke, we have received human support and contacts. The profitability calculations and the information and networks gained through growth training have been the most important things for us. Keuke has also been a valuable source of information on employee-related matters.”

Entrepreneurs Mika and Kristiina Vanhanen, Uudenmaan LVI-asennus, Sipoo


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