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EK-Kaide Oy

Jaakko Ruuhiala

”In a change of owner situation, Keuke made everything very easy for me. I am happy to recommend their services!”

Smooth change of owner

EK-Kaide Oy in Tuusula changed owners through an asset deal. EK-Kaide manufactures metal and steel structures, such as railings, handrails, ventilation tubes for base floors, and other custom work according to plans.

The current owner Jaakko Ruhiala had worked at the company for 10 years and was well aware of what he was purchasing. Keuke was involved in the deal, advising both the buyer and the seller.

“The former owner of EK-Kaide had dealt with Keuke before and knew that they could advise us in with the change of owner.”

“I felt that closing the deal was easy. Everything went smooth and the determined price also seemed correct to both parties. The entire process took six months. Even though we almost had to rush a bit at the end, the matter was concluded as planned.”

Everything included

According to the new owner of EK-Kaide, the best thing about the guidance related to the change of owner was its comprehensive nature. Keuke provided access to all necessary parties and specialists.

“Keuke's network allowed me to access the services related to establishing a new company provided by the Finnish Enterprise Agency and the services of the employment and economic development center. It also provided contacts to financiers. Finnvera agreed to guarantee our loan. Throughout the project, Keuke made everything very easy for me. I am happy to recommend Keuke’s services to everyone.”

New entrepreneurs may have all kinds of new thoughts and ideas, but for the present it is time to focus on maintaining the regular business.

“For now, we keep hold of the market and reduce our debt. We have a good market in the metropolitan area, so I don't think we should spread ourselves too thin.”

The advice given by Keuke

“Keuke's change of owner service provided guidance and advice to both the buyer and seller. Keuke's networks also provided access to all other specialists and contacts related to a change of owner and asset deal.”

Entrepreneur Jaakko Ruuhiala, EK-Kaide Oy, Tuusula

Alupro Oy

Vesa Samela

”We have received solid constructive feedback from Keuke, which has helped us with our export and marketing projects.”

Customer-oriented export

Alupro Oy from Tuusula specializes in designing and producing aluminum facade solutions. Alupro aims for the international market and intends to increase its sales through exports.

“At the moment, we mostly export our products to Germany. We also sell small amounts to China and Sweden. We have opened a dedicated sales office in Russia and will begin production in Saint Petersburg next year. Our objective is to become leading operator in the sector in the adjacent areas as well.”

Alupro has utilized Keuke's specialist services for furthering export. Keuke has arranged lectures and meetings with other specialists in the field as well, such as the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

“It is tremendous that such a specialist service exists. Keuke also has a significant amount of inhouse knowledge and expertise on the Russian trade. All of the companies heading to the Russian market should not have to suffer the same pitfalls.”

Service and ready-made products

Alupro employs 41 people, 13 of whom are designers. Most of the products sold by Alupro are specifically planned according to the clients’ needs. The company's clients consist of construction firms and architects.

“We intend to focus on providing an even more comprehensive service for facade engineering by providing our clients services ranging from design to project management and installation work. For export, we invest in ready-made products. For example, we have started producing roof safety products, which are specifically intended for the foreign markets.“

Alupro's aluminum louvers save energy and protect the environment and are thus particularly popular with architects and companies who consider environmental issues. With the louvers, the need for cooling the building is reduced, while at the same time the louvers retain the heat of the sun. The louvers have a long service life, and they can be recycled.

The advice given by Keuke

“We have had extremely valuable and productive discussions with Keuke's specialists. We have been helped through guidance and consultation. We have also received important information regarding the Russian trade, for example. From Keuke’s marketing clinic we gained an objective view on customer-oriented marketing, as engineers are more used to marketing to other engineers.”

Managing Director Vesa Samela, Alupro Oy, Tuusula

Oy Tritmar Ltd

Martti Tulimaa

”Keuke's training and coaching helps entrepreneurs keep up to date with the business.”

From sea to land

Specialized skills can often provide the basic business idea of a company but specializing in a narrow sector may also provide risks. Tritmar Oy from Tuusula who specializes in designing, producing, and selling ships’ kitchens has sought additional markets for its specialized competence instead of standing still. The company approached Keuke for help with product development.

“For example, we had a product development project related to refrigeration devices, with which Keuke helped us in applying for funding and aids. Although with that project, we ended up receiving orders before the actual project was even launched.”

“We have also discussed issues related to the protection of products. I have actively taken part in the training and coaching provided by Keuke, as I believe it provides a solid option for keeping up with the business. “

New channels

The shipbuilding industry has been on the wane in recent years. Tritmar has not stood still, and instead the company has actively sought out new channels for its expertise and competence.

“The public and municipal sector provides a new opportunity. They expect more and more renewed efficiency from institutional kitchens. And that is precisely the type of kitchen that we have experience of designing.”

“We recently took part in Keuke’s training for public procurements and tendering. That gave us important information as we take on the new market.”

The advice given by Keuke

“All Keuke's events and meetings have provided good opportunities for sparring. It is sometimes good for an entrepreneur to step back from your own ideas and discuss them with specialists. And applying for funding and aids can be quite difficult for an entrepreneur to handle by themselves."

Managing Director Martti Tulimaa, Oy Tritmar Ldt, Tuusula


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