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What’s the catch? Why does this not cost anything? You probably don’t help one-person businesses like mine? My friend told me you give out money – well do you? We have no problems, we don’t need business advice. No more misconceptions or hearsay! Here you can find everything you have always wanted to know about business support services, but did not dare to ask.

What is Keuke?

“Keuke” refers to Keski-Uudenmaan Kehittämiskeskus Oy (Business Development Centre Ltd. Helsinki Region North), which provides business consulting services in Central Uusimaa. Keuke is owned by the businesses operating in the area, the Finnish Enterprise Agencies as well as municipalities and cities.

Who can receive Keuke's services?

Keuke’s basic consulting services are available to all businesses located in Järvenpää, Karkkila, Kerava, Nurmijärvi, Pornainen, Sipoo and Tuusula. We offer advice to companies of all sizes – big or small. Our customers include both small-scale individual entrepreneurs and large limited companies.

When should I contact Keuke?

An entrepreneur can contact Keuke whenever she or he has questions about entrepreneurship or business development. We can help you with, for example, marketing, calculations or projects. Whenever you are thinking about the growth and development of your business, it is a good time to contact us.

We have no problems, we don't need business advice..?

Business consulting is not just for putting out fires, although we will of course try and help you with any problems you might face. It is excellent that your business has no problems – but maybe it is ready to grow and develop? We would be happy to help with that.

What do Keuke's services cost?

The entrepreneur does not have to pay anything for Keuke’s basic consulting services. The open trainings organized by Keuke are usually free of charge, as well. In case of longer-term coaching and sparring projects, the participants are charged a small share of the costs.

There has to be a catch - there are no free lunches

Keuke’s services form a part of the services that municipalities provide to businesses. The municipalities want to support and encourage entrepreneurship, since businesses bring vitality and wellbeing to the area.

I am planning to start a business, can I get help from Keuke?

Yes, Keuke will also give advice on all matters relating to starting a new company. We provide consulting services to all businesses throughout the lifetime of a company. We are a member of the Finnish Enterprise Agencies.

Where is Keuke's office located?

Keuke’s office is in Kerava, and it is easy to reach using public transport. If you book an appointment, we can also meet you at in the premises of Nea ry in Klaukkala, and Keuke has access to facilities at Karkkila town hall as well and Sipoo municipal premises. We are also happy to meet you at your business premises, and often that can be quite useful in terms of the actual consulting as well.

Who are Keuke's free info and training events meant for?

Every year, Keuke arranges numerous free info and training events for entrepreneurs in the area, focusing on current topics. Anyone interested in entrepreneurship is welcome as well.

How do I book a business consulting appointment?

Call 050 341 3210 to book an appointment. You can also book via e-mail, keuke (at) You can also leave a contact request at our website,

I just need a template for my calculations. Where can I get assistance?

Keuke’s business consultants are happy to help you with anything related to your business. We will help you make calculations, budgets, pricing decisions and so on. Check out Yritystulkki as well! There you can find guides, workbooks and calculation programmes that can help you plan your business and finances. Yritystulkki will provide you with a wide variety of forms and contract templates that you can use in everyday business operations.

I need information about hiring an employee. Who should I contact?

Keuke has a large network of partners that offer business consulting services. We work in close collaboration with other actors in our area and on a national level, including TE Services, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Finnvera, ProAgria, educational establishments and entrepreneur organizations. Our network is active in both directions, which guarantees that the best possible support and expertise are available to the entrepreneurs. No matter what information you need, you can ask us. We at Keuke will guide to you to correct expert.

Where can I find a mentor?

Keuke coordinates the business mentor activities in our area. Contact Keuke and book an appointment or apply for a mentor at Suomen Yrityskummit ry (Business Mentors Finland) helps entrepreneurs and people who want to start a business solve business challenges and develop new functional business solutions. The services are free of charge and confidential. Business mentor services support and complement regional business consulting services.


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