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13 Apr 2022

5 ideas for social media posts

Once you have harnessed social media as one of the marketing and branding channels of your business, the next step is to create content for your social media platforms. Your first priority on social media is to post regularly and actively. Not so much creating perfect posts refined down to the last detail.

But what to post on social media? Most of us grapple with this question from time to time. Every so often, we all find ourselves in a situation where we cannot come up with any ideas for social media posts. Here are 5 easy and effective post ideas for your social media channel:

1. Introduce your business and yourself

Create a post where you introduce yourself in your own words, when you started your business, why your business exists and how you can help your followers. Images with faces typically gather the most reactions on social media, so do not hesitate to show your face on the social media channel of your business. This also makes your business more approachable and humane.

2. Film your day in ig stories

Post short videos of your typical day at work in Instagram Stories. This will make your followers feel like they know you and your business better. This sense of familiarity will build the followers’ trust in your business. A more casual style works better in Stories than highly edited, scripted content. Let your creativity bloom!

3. Answer questions posed to you

Create a post with a caption where you invite people to ask you questions. This is a great way to get more reactions on your post. The more reactions your post has, the more interesting Instagram rates your account. Questions increase interactivity and attract interest in your business. You can also try asking questions in Instagram Stories.

4. Share a fun fact about yourself

We often try present a slightly more polished image of our business and ourselves on social media. It’s a good idea to shake this polished image from time to time and share surprising and fun facts. This is actually a good way to stand out from the highlight reel of posts and gain more visibility, in addition to connecting with followers. You could jot down fun facts in advance so that you can remember them when the time comes. An easygoing, humoristic approach is the best way to go. Do not take yourself too seriously.

5. Behind the scenes material

This means sharing material of what goes on behind the scenes in your business. You can take photos of your workspace to show where and how you work. You can make short videos of how you get ready for work or how your business makes a product ready. You essentially reveal what goes on behind the social media channel and the images. Behind the scenes material should be realistic rather than highly edited. Your followers get to know your business and you yourself better. Dare to bring out your true personality!

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