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12 Oct 2022

Opportunities offered by paid digital marketing

Digital marketing has become an essential part of advertising for businesses. And no wonder, as people are spending a lot of time online. This has also had a significant impact on how and where people purchase products. This means that a business should be where its customers are. You should aim to utilize the opportunities offered by digital marketing for increasing both the sales and the visibility of your company. 

Why pay for visibility?

Digital marketing is a way to create connections with potential customers and attract their interest online as well as in other digital channels. The idea is to ensure your visibility on digital platforms, and both manage and increase the digital visibility of your business. 

You can gain visitors and visibility either organically, i.e., without paying, or through paid advertising. Purchasing ads can be a particularly good idea when you are looking to increase your visibility and sales. Paid advertising can be used both online and on social media platforms. It should be recognized that the importance of paid marketing has grown year on year particularly on social media platforms and organic visibility has been reduced. Thus, paid advertising is more likely to provide you the desired results. 

Paid visibility tools online and on social media

Google has created extensive networks, so utilizing the tools offered by Google to boost your sales is a natural choice. A good tool for paid advertising is Google's Display Network, which reaches more than 90% of Internet users. Google’s Display Network helps you find the right audience with its versatile targeting options. You can use the service to focus your advertising very precisely. Targeting ensures that your message is shown to potential customers at the right time in the right place.

Social media networks also offer effective tools for paid marketing. Most of all, they can help your business gain more visibility efficiently. Social media networks offer targeted advertising based on data collected on the behavior of users. The Facebook Pixel is a cornerstone of social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Advertising without using the Facebook Pixel is possible just like it is without any other online marketing tools, but this means that you are leaving a vast potential for ad optimization, targeting, and measurement untapped. 

Digital marketing benefits

The key benefit offered by digital marketing is the ability to allocate visibility precisely. This means that you do not have to guess blindly what might work and can instead specify precisely who will see your message. Choosing the right target group will also increase the effectiveness of your message many times over. This also allows you to reach people you would not have otherwise discovered.

The Facebook Pixel lets you monitor the use of your website and your customers’ behavior on the site. It will provide you with data you can use to attract new audiences, for example. You can also use it to measure your advertising ROI. Using the data gathered by digital marketing tools, you can plan and allocate your marketing in a more accurate and productive manner.

Digital marketing can provide great results quite affordably. To ensure clear results regarding the type of message and the appropriate target audience for it, some work will however be required. A good tip is to try different ads at smaller amounts and see which option is the best for your business. Keep your eye on the statistics and make changes and improvement based on the data. Invest in the method that best achieves the desired results.

Harness your online channels to work together

Paid advertising might bring customers who are open to making a purchase to your door, but a hot lead alone does not bring money to the till. Advertising depends on the sale being closed elsewhere. Your ad is a lure that brings the customer to the right place to carry out the desired action, such as making a purchase. This means that all channels of your business must work together toward the same objective. It is essential that your website and social media channels support each other. 

This means that you should ensure a fluid dialog between your digital channels. If the text of your ad makes a promise, the website that your customer sees after clicking the ad should be in line with that promise. Clicking an ad opens a landing page, which is often the website of the business. The landing page should include the thing promised in your ad. Otherwise your customer will leave the page and you have paid for a wasted click. An ad attracts and encourages the viewer to click through toward the target, which could be a purchase. The actual desired action will take place on the website of the business, for example. This path should be as effortless and functional for the customer as possible. Invest in a well-functioning path to purchase. 


One of the major benefits of both paid online marketing and advertising on social media is their excellent usability for remarketing. What could be more effective and reasonable than retargeting customers who have already shown interest toward your business?

Make sure your ads are shown to the right people. Modify your message to support your goal. With the Facebook Pixel you can create customized target groups based on visitors to your website, who have shown interest toward your business. You can use Google Display to show your ad to people who have previously visited your website on a site that has nothing to do with your line of activity. This allows you to reach your customers more widely and to ensure that customers who are already interested will keep your services and your business in mind. Advertising is based on repetition, which means that the more often potential customers see your business, the more likely you are to gain sales.

Differentiate your marketing

The benefits offered by digital marketing are also emphasized by the fact that you cannot at the same time encourage engagement and market your products in each post you make. Thus, it makes more sense to purchase visibility and use effective tools to increase your sales. Paid advertising is also relatively cheap, especially compared to other options. Purchasing visibility is more affordable than achieving the same results through your own work. The benefits you gain from paid marketing are varied, and once you start you might find that you save lot of time for more important work. 


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