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23 Mar 2023

Know your customer

Customers are more precious than gold. Without customers, there is no need for the company to exist. It is therefore absolutely vital to know your own customers. Develop your work, services and products according to your customers’ needs.

1. Good customer experience

Running a successful business is only possible if there are enough customers. The best and most lasting results are guaranteed by having enough satisfied customers. How do you keep a customer satisfied?

It is crucial to understand that sales are, to a great extent, based on a good customer experience. On the customer having a problem to which the salesperson provides a solution. A good customer experience is based on producing additional value for the customer. 

Value-generating factors are those that entice the customer to buy products and services now and in the future. Knowing the customer and understanding their wishes should be integrated into the sales process. 

2. Understand your customer

Understanding the customer lays the foundation for a functional customer experience. Understanding means that the company cares about its customers, knows what they need and develops its business operations accordingly. 

Instead of focusing solely on marketing and selling a service or product, our eyes should be fixed on the customers. On who is buying and why. This helps both marketing and sales, which ultimately facilitates helping the customer.

The existence of a company is based on the success of its customers. Fair and considerate sales are beneficial for both the customer and the salesperson. They also build trust and a functional partnership in a way that benefits both parties.

3. Engage in study

Think about and study who your customers are. How old are they, what do they like and where do they live? What is your average customer interested in, how do they behave and how did they end up becoming your customer?  Make use of existing data on your customers. What do they buy and when? Do your customers prefer online shopping?  

And how many people are following the company on social media channels? What posts do they like and what kind of content do they comment on? How about the age and gender distribution of your customers, are you aware of it? What channels do you customers spend their time on in the first place, and have they subscribed to the newsletter? 

It is good to pose many different questions and look for answers to them. Simply put, you must know your customer to know what you can offer them. This allows you to choose the right social media and sales channels, and produce content that is of interest to your customers. This way your marketing reaches your customers better, boosting your sales. Otherwise you will not know what you are selling and to whom. 

4. What and to whom?

It is important to understand both the needs of your target group and how you can reach them. The more familiar you are with your target group, the better you are able to respond to their needs. In fact, marketing should be planned and realised through services: who are we marketing to and what products or services are we selling. The better you are able to identify the customer, the better you are able to fulfil their needs.

For advertising to succeed, the target group must find it interesting. The purpose of advertising is not to randomly splash ads here and there, but the idea is to find out who is actually interested in your services and products. 

5. Focus on potential customers

Finding customers is much easier when you know what they are like. When you know what kind of customers you want, you can start looking for them. And if you know what kind of customers you should not waste your time and effort on, you can move away from seeking such customers. This allows you to focus more on the customers with actual potential.

The truth is that not every customer is equally valuable to the company. Steering operations towards knowing and identifying the most valuable customers is a sensible policy. A company should not strive to offer everything to everyone. To attract customers specifically to your company, and to ensure that the customers become loyal buyers, you must first get to know them. By knowing your own customers you give your company the chance to flourish. So, your customers, take good care of them.


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