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18 Dec 2023

Artificial intelligence is the reality

Over the past year, futurist Risto Linturi has composed music, made documentary videos and coded games – despite the fact that he does not actually have the skills to do any of these things. Linturi believes that companies should take artificial intelligence seriously, because they are about to face a brutal elimination game. 

When e-mails began to be widely used in business in the 1990s, many so-called old-school managers did not bother to learn how to use them. Futurist Risto Linturi says that we are now facing a similar situation with artificial intelligence. 

“I’d suggest that you stop making fun of it and actually start learning how to use ChatGPT. If there’s one thing that's important for business owners, it’s living in the real world. Falling behind is not an option. And AI is very much the reality right now.” 

According to Linturi, the technological development that becomes concrete in SMEs can be summarized under three interconnected topics. They are communicative AI, robotics and virtualization, or the concept of digital twins. 

“Communicative AI is exactly what I referred to: the skilled use of ChatGPT. It can increase the efficiency of work enormously, because it can write your sales letters and provide a plain answer to just about anything. I myself asked AI how I could sell a pink car. The answers were so good that I almost felt like buying a pink car myself.”

“One of the key skills you need these days is the ability to use AI. It’s kind of like horse whispering; you just need to learn it. First, you need to teach AI about the topic of your choice, and it will serve you well. You can teach it to use your particular style, after which it will be impossible to identify the text as AI-generated.”

 Robot with human hands

Risto Linturi predicts that in five years’ time we will have walking robots with hands, familiar from science fiction movies, available on the market. The use of robots will become revolutionary when the data produced by ChatGPT is integrated in them. 

“So far, robots have only been able to perform a few simple tasks, because programming them is expensive and time-consuming. With the help of AI, robots will learn quickly. Thanks to the millions of images that are available online, they will quickly learn to identify objects and also perform complex tasks.”

“Soon, we will have robots that can grab a bag of peas from the kitchen drawer and bring it into the living room.” 

In the near future, robotics offers great opportunities for small companies. 

“So far, robotics has been a privilege enjoyed only by big companies. Soon, we will have robots on the market that cost roughly the same as a passenger car.” 

“The development of robotics with AI is such as big step that it’s difficult to grasp. When we no longer need to programme robots and their manufacturing costs will not be enormous, we will gain great competitive advantage. A robot can perform all kinds of simple tasks in industry, offices, hospitals and warehouses at an hourly rate of about 1–2 euros.”

 Experimenting made easy and safe

Experimental culture is the word of the day already, but virtualization and the twin environment allow us to test almost anything, easily and safely. 

“It’s possible to scan a copy of the real environment into a virtual world. You can add the laws of physics and the right materials and weights there. With AI, we can perform numerous, even billions of different tests without breaking anything and without any material costs.” 

“The virtualization process is starting with the heavy industry. For example, BMW has an identical virtual copy of all its automotive factories. In the future, this idea will certainly extend to car sales, repair shops and users.” 

According to Linturi, the virtual world can provide added value for SMEs as they no longer need to spend so much time on travel. VR headsets allow them to meet the customer efficiently in the same environment. 

The interview was originally published in the Keuke Postia customer magazine in December 2023. 




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