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13 Feb 2024

Competitive advantage fuels business success – why is it important and how do you build it?

It's not about winning, but winning overwhelmingly. This may not be the best mindset going into a playful sports competition, but when it comes to business, it is a highly recommended goal. 

Competition in the business world is relentless and intense. Business success depends heavily on the ability to stand out from the competition. Competitive advantage is a key factor that allows a company to outperform others in the industry and ensure success. 

This article explains why competitive advantage is so important and how a company can deliberately build and strengthen this advantage.

What are the benefits of competitive advantage?

  1. Customer loyalty: Competitive advantage strengthens customer loyalty in the selected target group. Customers typically choose a company that offers them something unique and valuable.
  2. Profitability: Well-managed competitive advantage enables a better pricing strategy. The company can set its prices higher, which will lead to greater profitability.
  3. Innovation: Innovations can also provide competitive advantage. A company that keeps track of new ideas and technologies can stand out from its rivals by offering innovative products or services.
  4. Sustained success: Managing competitive advantage is not just a short-term strategy. It can give the company a chance to achieve success in the long run, because it will withstand any changes and troubles in the market.

How can you find your competitive advantage?

  1. Understand your customers: An in-depth understanding of customer needs serves as the foundation for competitive advantage. Study the market, collect feedback and involve your customers in product development.
  2. Invest in quality: High-quality products or services can be a significant source of competitive advantage. Your company should maintain high quality standards in everything it does.
  3. Innovate and research: Investing in innovation is crucial. This does not just mean developing new products, but also continuously improving existing processes and services.
  4. Focus on brand building: A strong brand can be a competitive advantage in itself. It makes you recognizable in the market and can help you stand out from the competition.
  5. Be efficient and keep the costs in check: Efficient business processes and cost-effectiveness can give you a competitive advantage. Savings can either enable more competitive pricing or a higher margin.
  6. Be agile and react quickly: The ability to react quickly to market changes can be a competitive advantage in itself. Agility and reaction capacity give you leverage in the competition.
  7. Take good care of skilled employees: Skilled and dedicated employees are one of your biggest competitive advantages. Companies should always pay attention to employee training and well-being.

Building competitive advantage requires systematic, long-term efforts. However, it is an investment that will pay for itself many times over in business success. 

Companies need to be prepared to be innovative, understand their market and react quickly to any changes. Competitive advantage is not static, but requires continuous development and adaptation to changing circumstances. 

After a company identifies its competitive advantage, it can gain a stronger position in the market and establish a foundation for long-term success.

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