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25 Apr 2024

Utilize knowledge-based management and embrace digital solutions

Digital transformation has radically changed the way in which businesses operate and compete in the market. In today’s business environment, the importance of digital technologies is constantly growing, and incorporating them into the business has become a key competitive factor across industries. 

Building a thriving business requires the ability to utilize digital solutions strategically and effectively also in terms of management. 

Knowledge-based management is a crucial enabler of digital development in companies. Knowledge-based management refers to collecting, managing and analysing data for the purpose of decision-making and strategic planning.

Knowledge-based management allows organizations to enhance their operations, improve decision-making and create lasting competitive advantage in the market. 

Fuelled by data 

The key element of knowledge-based management is data, which serves as the fuel that drives digital processes and innovations. Data is a valuable asset for a company, and using it in business is vital for success. 

Data can help companies gain a better understanding of the market, customers, the business environment and their processes, which enables more effective decision-making and strategic planning. 

Analytics and the data sciences, such as artificial intelligence, allow companies to transform raw data into valuable information to support decision-making and strategic planning. 

Data visualization and reporting enables the effective communication and understanding of information within an organization. Analytics and machine learning, on the other hand, can help identify trends, anticipate business opportunities and optimize business processes to be more effective. 

There is a deep symbiosis between digitality and knowledge-based management, which drives business success in today’s highly competitive market. 

Right technologies and changes in organizational culture

However, applying data in business requires not only the right technology and skills, but also a change in the culture and the commitment of the entire organization to applying data. 

Businesses that manage to create effective data-driven management practices and utilize data strategically can create added value and more sustainable competitiveness in the market. 

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