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Business cost support

The sixth application round for cost support starts on 26 April at 9 am.

We will update the information when the search criteria are completed. More information »

Crisis information

Help when you most need it

Do you experience problems with your company’s cash flow? Is your loan due but your account is empty? Should you begin to lay off your personnel any time soon? How does one survive this crisis with so little damage as possible? Where can I apply for financial help to overcome losses caused by this crisis?

The current Covid-19-epidemic has caused enormous losses to some businesses. We provide quick assistance if you have any questions about your company’s economy, funding or personnel. You can also give us a call: we have launched a special crisis hot line that answers every weekday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. We have also booked short, half-hour meetings in our business developers’ calendars. These times are available for any entrepreneurs in need of crisis help. You can book an appointment yourself in our on-line calendar. We can help you both over the phone and in on-line meetings.

You are not the only one with problems and questions. Do not hesitate to contact us! Telephone 050 341 3210 / e-mail: keuke (at)


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We’ve put together a list of useful, up-to-date web links that may be of help:

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