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24 May 2022

Keuke was awarded the International Quality Certificate ISO 9001 Entrepreneurs of Central Uusimaa to receive high-quality service

The business counselling and development services of the Business Development Centre Ltd. (Keuke) have been awarded the Quality Certificate ISO 9001. The Quality Management System is applied to management, decision-making, customer work and customer processes as well as business development.

– In practice, the Quality Certificate will provide Keuke’s customers with services of uniform quality now and in the future. Quality and processes will be checked and improved systematically, Keuke’s managing director Elina Pekkarinen states.

Business environments are changing all the time. This means that Keuke’s services should also be updated all the time, and changes requiring prompt reaction need to be successful.

– Two examples of this are the first corona restrictions in March 2020 and the sanctions and restrictions caused by the war in Ukraine. In both cases, we got our crisis counselling started immediately – without that, many companies would not have survived, Elina Pekkarinen says.

ISO 9001 is the internationally best known and most used quality management standard. With the help of the standard, companies can serve their customers better and ensure that products and services always meet the requirements of customers and authorities.

Pioneer, trailblazer and example

Keuke has been doing high-quality work for years. With customer satisfaction polls, customers have been systematically asked for feedback on Keuke’s services. The feedback has been excellent, and on the basis of it, we have been able to develop our services further. For several years, Keuke has been recommended by more than 96 %.

– The ISO 9001 Certificate is a recognition of our high-quality work from an outside assessor. When the quality has been documented and the processes polished, then for example the orientation of new employees will be productive and fluent, managing director Elina Pekkarinen describes.

– The Quality System provides us with a clearer framework and instruments for our work. The system provides Keuke’s development work with new power.

As a sparring partner and developer of enterprises, Keuke also wants to set an example with its operations.

– When we encourage our customers to improve quality and customer orientation, we have a clear idea of what has to be done in practice. We definitely want to be an inspiring example.

Keuke is a local development company that supports the founding, development and growth of companies in Central Uusimaa, in the areas of Järvenpää, Karkkila, Kerava, Nurmijärvi, Pornainen, Sipoo and Tuusula. We can advise you on all aspects of business-related matters, such as activating your company’s sales and marketing, solving financial and funding issues, planning investments, finding partners, internationalization and ownership changes.

More information: Keuke’s CEO Elina Pekkarinen, telephone +358 50 549 2213. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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