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25 January 2023

Keuke helps companies through changes in their operating environment - On a mission to make companies stronger and more agile

In 2022, Keuke (Keski-Uudenmaan Kehittämiskeskus Oy) provided advice to nearly 2,100 customers. Keuke's annual customer numbers have stabilized at around 2,000 over the past five years. Year 2020 was an exception, as the COVID-19 crisis caused a peak in demand and the total number of customers reached nearly 3,000. 

– Some crises were also encountered last year, but the war in Ukraine and the resulting changes in the operating environment have not resulted in quite as much need for help, Keuke's CEO Elina Pekkarinen explains. 

The crisis years have, however, challenged companies – sometimes quite intensely. They have had to renew themselves and seek new ways to make products and provide services. 

– The online sellers’ club (Verkkokauppiasklubi), launched by Keuke last year, has gained huge popularity. It is a good indication of how companies and their services have moved online. The customers' buying behaviour changed with the coronavirus pandemic, and digital services are becoming more and more popular, Pekkarinen continues. 

– At the moment, the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and companies are centred around productivity, efficiency and finding competent employees. There are two very different problems they need to solve – considerably increased expenses on one hand, and a labour shortage on the other.

Statistics show financial and financing advice requests rising to the top 

Changes in the operating environment, such as rising prices, inflation, the war in Ukraine, and the changes in consumer purchasing behaviour are reflected in Keuke's 2022 operating statistics as increased requests for financial and financing advice. Financial advice and financing advice were both at the top of the list of Keuke's most-used services. The only topic that was more popular – and is the number one topic every year – was advice on starting a business.

– I see these figures solely as a positive thing. Entrepreneurs' understanding of management with the help of financial figures is growing, and they want to react quickly to worrying signals. The demand for financing advice, on the other hand, indicates companies have development plans and are willing to invest. Last year, we made more than 200 financing applications for our customers and planned investments worth almost 8 million euros, says Elina Pekkarinen.

Advice on change of ownership was also a rising star in the 2022 statistics. 

– Changes of ownership are becoming an increasingly relevant topic year by year, as a huge number of entrepreneurs retire. Through the information we provide, we have wanted to highlight not only the importance of smooth changes of ownership and the continuity of functioning companies, but also our own impartial and free advisory services.

Development services available in Central Uusimaa for 25 years 

This year, Keuke has its 25th anniversary. The development organization, which is owned by seven municipalities, receives excellent feedback from its customers about its expertise and willingness to serve. According to a customer satisfaction survey conducted at the end of 2022, companies can finish their projects faster with the help of advice provided by Keuke. A whopping 98 per cent of customers would recommend Keuke’s services.  

– In 25 years, we have achieved a significant position as a booster of vitality in our area. I am happy to see how well Keuke and its services are known among entrepreneurs.

Last year, Keuke’s services received the ISO9001 quality certificate, which means consistently high-quality services for entrepreneurs in the area. The quality management system is applied to management, decision-making, work with customers and customer processes, as well as operational development.

Keuke’s 2022 in a nutshell 

  • 2,082 customers
  • 1,766 business evaluations carried out
  • 2,256 reports and information packages produced for the customers
  • 46 change-of-ownership plans
  • Total value of investment plans: 7.8 million €

Keuke’s 2022 business development statistics have been published. They can be found here. 

Keuke is a local development company that helps companies grow and develop in the areas of Järvenpää, Karkkila, Kerava, Nurmijärvi, Pornainen, Sipoo and Tuusula. We can advise you on all aspects of business-related matters, such as activating your company’s sales and marketing, solving financial and funding issues, planning investments, finding partners, internationalization and ownership changes. Keuke is owned by the municipalities and cities of the region.

More information: Keuke’s CEO Elina Pekkarinen, telephone +358 50 549 2213. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.


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